RDFCC Newsletter March 2022


Upcoming events, annual awards recipients and membership

Written by: Matt Neale

Club Members

Spring is here! The nights are drawing out and it might be getting a touch warmer. Time to cancel that Zwift subscription and get back out on the bike.

Club rides

Sunday rides are going well. The longer evenings mean that we can also runs things at the end of the day. We need members to step up and organise them though. It can be any discipline, any length or difficulty and where or when you want. Don’t worry if there is already something advertised if you want to run something different at the same time. Ride leaders do get a bit of legal protection from both BC and CUK as well as the choice of which hill to ride up or avoid. If you are not sure how to plan or post ride details just ask. It isn’t complicated, I can do it!

Time trials

Tuesday evening time trials start soon. The usual season opener is the kilo sprint at Parkend. 12th of April at 7pm. I won’t say it’s easy as that’s up to you but it’s not much more than a minute and technically downhill. This is followed by 1 lap of the Cannop circuit, not especially hard and then the usual Lydbrook 10. Times at 7pm to start with but things move to 7:30 later in the year. Anyone who is a member of a CTT affiliated club can just turn up and ride. Bring a membership card if you are not a RDFCC member. If you have a road bike you will have a good time. It’s all against the clock and you are really just racing yourself (but it is good to beat your mates). Don’t be shy, come and have a go. The early season events are great to start with. CTT rules say that you must wear a helmet and have flashing front and rear lights. Please don’t put the organisers in an awkward position by trying to ride without them. A season subscription is £70 so a decent reduction if, like me, you ride them all. Just pay at the 1st event.


Many people have already joined. If you haven’t , why not. For most people the easiest way is via the BC website. There is a link on the club website which takes you there. If this method isn’t for you and you pay another way it is your responsibility to ensure that the membership secretary, Digby Rusling, knows this. Don’t ask someone else to pass it on. People have other things on their minds and forget!


At the skittles evening we handed out the trophies for 2021. I still have a few so if you have won something get in touch and I can pass it on.

Club best all-rounder. The overall seasons winner.

Adam Taylor

Best under 40

Craig Buffry


Red class Jon Mansell

Blue Class Adam Taylor

Black Class Matt Neale


Red class Michelle Lee

Blue class Claire Jackson


Zach Rusling

Hill climb

Senior male Craig Buffry

Veteran Male Jon Mansell

Senior Female Louise Hart

Ross club member (Time trials) Paul Stephens

Presidents Cup (best senior club rider in the Vintage Tankard TT) Craig Buffry

Audax award to be confirmed

Moment of mirth trophy John Lewis for stirring up a wasps nest on an evening gravel ride ( with a close second by Emily B for stripping in the middle of Pillowell to get rid of wasps for the aftermath of John’s triumphant moment)

Club member of the year. Earl Smith for all his dedication to the evening time trials. Well done Earl and thanks a lot.