Newsletter December 2021


Find out what was discussed at the AGM and what you could do to improve the club next year...

Written by: Matt Neale


On Wednesday 1st December we had the 2021 AGM at Berry Hill rugby club thanks to Dave Kearsey. A real AGM was great. So much better than Zoom.

After going through the minutes from last year we went through the officers’ reports which you can see in the minutes and then to elections. Most people stayed in post but Michelle Lee is off on her travels next year so Steve Beal has taken on the role of Secretary and Web manager. She is staying involved as an ordinary committee member. Many thanks Michelle for all your hard work and the great website.

Please note that despite the minutes suggesting otherwise club meetings will continue to be held at the Fountain Inn. (Things have changed since the AGM). Meetings are for all to attend and it is hoped that many of you turn up for a chat and a pint as well as to get involved I planning club activities.

Plans are afoot to have a skittles match in the early spring .The planned date for the skittles is the 17th of February at Berry Hill rugby club and we hope to present trophies etc at the same time. We may lay on some food so please watch either Facebook or the website for details.

Membership deal. Until the end of January membership will be available at a reduced rate. Join promptly to save a bit. You can join via BC (best approached through the link on the BC website) or through a purchase from the club shop. If you are going through BC take care as it can be confusing and it is possible to actually be joining BC without joining the club! But you don’t need to join BC to be a member of the RDFCC. If you are joining by any other method, please make sure that you contact the membership Secretary, Digby Rusling, to ensure that he knows. Don’t expect another member to pass things on as they may not manage to do so.

If anyone currently holds one of the club trophies can they please contact me to arrange for its return so we can get them engraved for the new recipients. If you have done anything significant this year that you feel should be recognized please don’t hesitate to say so or do so on behalf of a friend . The committee are really only aware of the TT results and not of anything else you quietly get on and do.

Of late things have dropped off a bit. If you are out on a ride please consider offering as a club event through Facebook. Those doing so are automatically creating an “official” club event and are thus benefit from BC 3rd party insurance (as long as you don’t do anything naughty that is).

Finally, please let us know what you have been doing or plan to do. A club works best when we are all involved in some small way.

It is intended that events and newsletters are posted both on Facebook and the club website. Please be aware though that admin access to the website has to be limited so many members posts can only be seen on Facebook, our main form of communication.

Matt Neale, RDFCC Chairman.

*This is a summary of the AGM, minutes available on request.