Severn Cider Ride


Written by: Ian Hall

Severn Cider Ride

19, I repeat 19, out on the gravel ride to Severn Cider in Awre - we have obviously tapped into what members want from their club! I must admit riding through the rain to Parkend I was apprehensive regarding the numbers that would show up and was a little overwhelmed when I saw a plethora of RDFCC Shirts in the Fountain Car Park. I was even more shocked when Berry Hill Legend and renowned Cider Connoisseur, Dave Kearsey was last to arrive. A steady bimble through Yorkley Woods, that even had Paul Cocker smiling, took us through to Viney, Etloe and the lanes to Awre. The full range of Severn Cider was sampled, although Earl’s table were on round 3 before they were served round 1 - this may have been delayed by them having to dredge the Severn to conjure a pale ale for Paul. The usual high standard ploughmans was served through the rain - the bread arriving in various states from damp to sodden. A road ride back to the Fountain was favoured in place of more woodland trails where the hardy few sampled more refreshment.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon - thanks for coming