Teri Chase


Teri Chance has joined RDFCC, being completely new to cycling, and having a plan in mind. Delayed from 2020, it may happen in 2021...

Written by: Michelle Lee

Teri Chase

Q. Hey Teri! Welcome! Knowing you’re new to the club, how would you describe yourself in 10 words?

A. Resilient, Driven, Kind, Positive, Romantic, Stubborn, Generous, Resourceful, Spiritual and KNACKERED

Q2. What has brought you to this point in donning the lycra and the world of Zwift?

A. You know the morning after the night before feeling!?!? The donning of padded cycling shorts has come as a result of a pre lockdown vodka and wine fuelled night out with my “friend” Lara. My daughter was involved in a horrific car accident a few years ago and sadly sustained a serious brain injury. I have felt a strong need to repay the hospital that saved her life in some way and so the commitment to a fundraising cycle ride that night was born. Lara has done these before for various cancer charities so I felt reassured but quite honestly am petrified of the journey ahead. I am the woman that fell off the bike indoors, attached to the turbo trainer (don’t ask!)

Q3. What do you find most challenging about your commitment to cycling?

A. Oh there are many! The fact I haven’t actually been on a bike, other than in the gym, for over 30 years is quite a realisation and somewhat embarrassing! And so begins the journey of an extremely unfit, overweight and totally knackered middle aged woman to achieve a very personal fundraising commitment and generate some “me time” in the process. I’m under no illusion how tough this is going to be on EVERY level but I’ve got great support in Michelle, although we haven’t actually been out yet for her to see just what a challenge I am going to be!

Q4. Who has most inspired you in life and why?

A. I draw inspiration from so many people but the one person that stands out above the rest is my daughter Jess. I’m in constant awe of her resilience and determination in spite of all the challenges she faces.

Q5. It appears that giving £5k to anyone is only a short-term fix. Being 2021, here’s £10k – what will you spend it on?

A. Oh that’s easy … I’d buy a hydro therapy hot tub and invest the rest in landscaping my garden.

Q6. On a Friday night: Wine, beer, gin, whiskey, vodka, mocktail or all of them?

A. A glass of red wine in the winter months but I’m really looking forward to a vodka and tonic on a summer’s evening.

Q7. Here’s a plane ticket for you and your gang. All expenses paid and time is not an issue. Where are you heading?

A. Australia to visit my brother.

Q8. What sentence would make you happiest if you heard it right now?

A. Lockdown is over, never to be repeated and you can get back to work!

Q9. Where’s your favourite hang out that you’ll be heading to when we’re liberated?

A. I won’t have to go far … I live three doors from the village pub. An evening there catching up properly with friends and family would be perfect.

Wishing you all the best of luck for you cycling challenge and raising funds! I’m personally looking forward to taking you out for a pedal! Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way ;-)